Real Estate Consultancy & Advisory:

AJRE provides Real Estate Consultancy and Advisory services for land owners/developers on specific development proposals in order to examine the spectrum of elements that influence the economic credibility of such proposals. Our studies are based upon substantiated research and well founded local market knowledge. The approach to each assignment is designed to the client’s objectives and the particular market sector under consideration. We approach each assignment with an open mind and with no pre-conceived ideas in terms of the end result. Our approach is “market orientated”. We fully support the results and conclusions of our research with up to date market evidence, strategy, financial modeling and analysis.

• Land Best Use Study
• Market Research & Trade Area Analysis
• Project Development Consultancy (Shopping Mall, Office Towers& Residential)
• Project Feasibility Studies(Shopping Mall, Office Towers& Residential)
• Marketing & Leasing Strategy(Shopping Mall, Office Towers& Residential)

Real Estate Marketing, Leasing & Brokerage:


AJRE primary goal is to keep clients’ properties fully leased; our leasing consultants are experienced, knowledgeable and able to deliver creative solutions with optimal results. Our leasing efforts ensure perfect presentation of each building, providing excellent tenant service, and nurturing the strong tenant relationships that lead to renewals and expansions. AJRE is experienced in bringing qualified tenants, in respect to tenant mix, experience, and financial stability in a timely fashion.


AJRE creates and implements innovative marketing programs that develop awareness in the marketplace and attract the greatest user demand for each Real Estate. The needs of prospective tenants are identified and the features and benefits that meet those needs are actively marketed.


AJRE offers brokerage service for commercial, office space, residential and retail spaces for lease, rental and or acquisitions. AJRE brokerage transactions are derived from in-depth knowledge of the market value, development potential, property performance and income projections. AJRE does considerable amount of research and provide clients with considerable knowledge on the property prior to purchase/rent/lease or sale.AJRE huge network of brokers in local and international markets have helped number of clients from varied sectors for Kuwait properties.

Our marketing professionals contribute value by providing the following services,

• Buying & Selling
• Brokerage
• Shopping Mall/Restaurant Village Retail Category Mix & Brand Allocations
• Shopping Mall/Restaurants & Office Tower Marketing & Leasing
• Marketing Materials – Brochure/Website/PR
• Tenant & Landlord Representation Services

Real Estate Management:

The strength of AJRE is its long-term success and experience in the real estate property management and ability to deliver excellence at the property level each and every day. Senior professionals from AJRE are directly involved in the management of every property.

AJRE core values and strategic objectives is to provide superior services focusing on raising the owner’s property value and reducing risk by:

• Ensuring facility life cycle and maximum property value upon sale through appropriate and ongoing management.
• Minimizing ownership costs.
• Sustain asset value

AJRE protects client investments through the implementation of proven maintenance programs and the aggressive management of operating and capital expenses.

The latest technologies to streamline work processes and maximized operational efficiencies allow the AJRE team to work even more effectively for clients and tenants.

AJRE will strive to achieve its objectives by providing the following services on the behalf of owners,

• Management Strategy & Planning
• Property Management Setup
• Facility Operations Services (Security/Cleaning/MEP/ IT thru outsourced Company’s)
• Property Management Software (Planning & Implementation)
• Common Area Maintenance charges budgeting
• Creating annual plans from revenue forecasts and expenses projections.
• Income maximization through cost reductions and stable revenue.
• Creating plans that incorporate the short, medium and long-term maintenance management
• Improvement of customer (tenant, etc.) satisfaction.
• Keeping and up dating of property records, including rendering periodic statement of account to the property owner.
• Collection of rents from tenants and prompt payment to the owner
• Leasing, re-leasing and rent reviews
• Organizing maintenance and improvement schemes for properties, including compiling periodic maintenance schedules.
• Ensuring that the property complies with all the legal requirements
• Attract superior tenants.
• Effective property marketing strategy.
• Supervision of tenants and ensuring compliance with the lease covenants.